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Solar-Thermal Power: So Many Applications Under The Sun

Power Panel’s unique solar-thermal hybrid technology excels in temperatures ranges and environmental conditions that other solar technologies cannot adapt to. Whatever your energy needs are, we have a durable, low-maintenance, expandable solution for your location and application.

Military Operations: Energy Solutions Engineered To Meet The Highest Standards Around

The brave men and women of the US must work in the most challenging environments possible, all over the world. While there are many variables involved in when, where, and how a team might deploy, one thing remains constant: the need for accessible, reliable power. And as equipment continues to evolve and adapt, the need for power-on-demand grows with every passing day.

That’s why our rapid deployment Gen-2-O turnkey system is such an ideal solution for rescue and natural disaster response teams. The solar panels, generator, and quick connects are so easy to use, a team can have power flowing in less than an hour. When the cities power is out for weeks, or the team is operating in an environment that is difficult to resupply, the Gen-2-O system can provide power for communication systems and more when it’s needed most.

Rural Locations: Low Maintenance Systems For Independent Living

Independence is a beautiful thing. But people living in isolated, rural environments need their equipment to work right the first time and stick with them over the years with minimal maintenance. Rural living has plenty of benefits, but it does make getting replacement parts extremely challenging. That’s why Power PanelTM is such a good choice. We are your one-stop-shop for everything you need, whether it’s a rapid deploy system, an out-of-the-box solar array, or a custom array to match the needs of your unique living situation. When combined with our thermal tank systems, you can enjoy even hot showers again. Living tucked away in pristine mountains or heavily wooded forests never sounded so good.

Swimming Pools: Power Your Summer Fun, Day Or Night

Solar power and swimming pools go together like sunny days and ice cream. Swimming pools need power for filtration systems, vending machines, and other utilities. Whether it is a residential or commercial location, our PVT1 panels, with their incredibly rust-resistant, durable scaffolding, are perfect for the wet and wild environment of swimming pools. Plus, you can use the onboard battery storage to power up lighting systems by day and keep the party going into the night.

Construction Sites: Well-Built Systems For Demanding Environments

Construction is rough work in a demanding environment. Heavy machinery, moisture, powerful vibrations, and dust work together to wear down mechanical and electrical systems. But our solar-thermal designs are constructed from top quality rust resistant, durable materials that withstand the toughest environments around. They set up quickly and easily, freeing up construction crews to focus on the job at hand. If it's hooked up to a thermal tank unit, workers can get cleaned up with a quick shower before they clock out for the day. That way, they can report back in tomorrow, refreshed and ready to go.

Residential: Environmentally-Conscious, Comfortable Living, On Or Off The Grid

Easy to use and simple to install, our PVT1 panels are perfect for home use. The web-connectivity feature streams live data to your computer, smartphone, or wireless enabled TV. The software automatically converts your solar performance into units of environmental impact. You and the whole family can watch how many trees you have saved and other fun and inspiring measurements. Alternatively, if your home is off the grid, our portable Gen-2-O system is a perfect solution to bring the convenience of modern living into the beautiful, rugged setting of your quiet frontier home.

Hotels & Resorts: Clean Energy From Ocean Side To Mountain Top

Whether your location is next to the turquoise waters of the ocean or the pristine, snow covered mountains of a ski resort, Power Panel’s PVT1 arrays deliver accessible power to your clients for all their relaxation and entertainment needs. Our liquid cooled solar technology empowers our solar cells to perform with excellence in hot conditions like an island beach resort. Our thermal tanks let our systems outclass other solar technologies even in cold, snowy, or cloudy conditions. No matter what your hospitality venue is, Power Panel has the solution for you.

Natural Resources Exploration: Responsible Resource Management At Its Finest

Mining, forestry, oil, and gas operations require tremendous power, but the job sites are almost exclusively in off-grid areas that are difficult to access. That makes getting power on site an expensive challenge. The Gen-2-O system, with its rugged durability and ability to expand to four or six panels, is an ideal solution for resource exploration scenarios. Plus, using solar-thermal power greatly reduces the impact of resource exploration on the environment.

Commercial: Cost Savings And Increased Customer Loyalty For Businesses Of Any Size

Companies that take the initiative with environmental stewardship enjoy cost savings on utility bills and the respect and admiration of their environmentally-conscious customers. For example, if you own a laundromat, you can reduce your carbon footprint and share the results with your customers by live-streaming how much coal you saved. That provides a competitive edge over the competition. If you run a brewery, you can reduce the cost of operations for both the brewing process and the taproom. And you can customize the appearance of the thermal tank to match your brand perfectly. No matter what size business you run, from mom-and-pop stores to corporate skyscrapers, our expandable PVT1 solar arrays work together with our versatile choice of thermal tank sizes so that you can find the optimal system for your specific needs.

Humanitarian Missions: Empower Your Compassion

Bringing aid and relief to the world takes dedication, compassion, and power. Our Gen-2-O system rapidly deploys anywhere in the world, making it an ideal choice for undeveloped nations, victims of floods, famine, earthquakes, and other disaster scenarios. Easy to use and quick to set up, the Gen-2-O requires no special technical knowledge to install or operate. It can have power flowing within an hour. When relief cannot come fast enough, the Gen-2-O is the go-to choice for first responders and humanitarian missions.

Power PanelTM is committed to the stewardship of our precious planet.

See how Power PanelTM has joined forces with companies, educational facilities, organizations and families to help reduce the carbon footprint we leave on our planet.

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